Is What We Want Attainable?


In Job Market, Are Gen Y’s Wants Out Of Reach?



TED Talks You Need To Watch

So you want to be a good Millennial.  Here is how, watch TED

Anant Agarwal:  Reinventing education for millennials


Rachel Botsman:  The case for collaborative consumption


Who Are The Coolest Millennials?

The coolest Gen Y’ers are clearly cool because of what they do.

Top 3

Elon Musk

that FaceBook guy and

Aziz Ansari

So, there are no chicks on my list.  Well thats ok with me..I would replace Mark Zuckerberg with, “insert female of your choice here,” but I needed a name and he is super entrepreneurial.  We should all be so.

Then there is Aziz Ansari.  He is a great example because he is gorgeous in his own way, hilarious in every way and has all the qualities that people love to hate about Generation Y.  He makes the millennial cut in years only by a few, but in personality, he is right in the middle.


Finally we end with number 1

Elon Musk the brilliant, what? Wait..he was born in 1971?  He’s a Gen X’er! Nooooo

Well I just assumed he was a Gen Y’er and like most things, we millennials tend to believe what we assume to be true is true, until proven wrong..usually by someone who actually did their research.