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I love this site and it’s promotion of women on women…helping each other out that is.

Its been too long now that women in the work place have had to see each other as competition.  We are a dominate group now and there is room for all of us.  Lets support each other!


Leave it to Thomas Friedman to Rename Us

Generation Q?

First, lets read the article.  Now, lets get our elected or want to be elected officials to answer the questions that will save the world.  Stop being quiet and start demanding quality over pomp and circumstance.

Polar bear and golbar warming

Millennials Are Not Doomed

So, you know that the side arguing for the proposition in the Intelligence Squared US debate on “millennials do not stand a chance,” won the audience over.  But, does that mean that the proposition is true?

It means that the side arguing for the proposition did a better job, and I would have to agree, they did.  The side arguing against was in fact “doomed,” but we, the millennials, are not.  Our optimism and values will lead us to success, not cripple us.  Millennials have what it takes to succeed.


Is Generation Y Doomed?

Check out this great debate presented by Intelligence Squared US!


The debate is this, “Millennials Don’t Stand A Chance.”  Listen to Binta Niambi Brown, W. Keith Campbell, David D. Burstein and Jessica Grose argue their points on a topic that is facing Gen Y’ers today as well as the rest of the generations that interface with them.

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